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November 2010

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It's that time of year

Mid November is about the time that my mind thinks "Christmas Cards". With us having a chrch family plus our own family and friends I always want to stay on top of my Christmas cards. I have had my kids make cards, I have made cards, I have purchased generic cards, but by far my favorite is giving out photo cards. It is so convenient and I think it is such a treat to offer a card that people can hang on to afterwards as a keepsake. Through the years ordering cards online has gotten simpler and simpler. I prefer to use Shutterfly.

They have awesome service and amazing products. In the past I have also ordered gifts from them as well. My favorite gift to give has always been calendars. It is so nice to customize the calendar with photos that the recipient will love.

I am looking forward to making our card this year! Shutterfly has such a stunning collection to choose from, I don't know how I will narrow it down. I love that I can put more than one photo on my card.  Which one would you choose?

The best part is that Shutterfly is generously offering 50 free cards to bloggers.

At more than $1 per card that is such a phenomenal deal. In fact, I am headed to Shutterfly now to start on my card!